This website is under going a revamp! It may be a few months until it is up and running while I noodle away in fits and starts in between all the other stuff I need to do.

When the site is in some sort of shape I will let you know via @derbycounty.

Meanwhile- COME ON YOU RAMS!

Times have changed. The Internet is no longer about long, unbiassed reports – it’s now full of live, instant updates about things that matter to you. Twitter has made this possible, hence why it has been such a huge success over the last few years.

When we registered the @derbycounty Twitter account back in 2007, we didn’t know how things would turn out. We knew it would be a great way to interact with other Super Rams but very little happened with the account, just posts with regular links to reliable website reports.

In December 2010, we asked regular Twitter user and hardcore Super Ram, Franca Hood, if she would like to commentate live from Pride Park of Derby County fixtures for a trial period. After a string of successful reports (but less so on results), Franca was made the resident Super Ram on @derbycounty.

Franca is now joined by a number of other Pride Park residents including, Paul GoodwinNeil Bates, Nathan Morley, Patrick Hill and Simon Penney. Between them, they take turns to report from Derby County fixtures, giving you the latest updates and friendly chat with other Twitter users following the #dcfcfans hashtag.

(To help identify themselves, they sign each tweet with their initials. So, Franca signs with ^fh and Paul signs with ^pg)

With over 12,000* Derby County followers and a great community building around the account, you’d be hard-pushed to find a more enthusiastic and exciting place for Derby County tweets.

Sign up on Twitter and follow @derbycounty for constant updates from Pride Park and join a fast-growing Twitter community.

* As of September 2017