01/01/18 Derby County v Sheffield United (1-1)

The day started well. 87% of those completing our prediction survey believed that Derby would win. 1 person went for 5-0 (I think they were predicting the Villa score!) and @robbiethomson18 went for 4-0 adding ”  think rams will walk through them.”

Even the sun was shining in the backyard of the Brunswick as we supped ale and exchanged Christmas anecdotes, so confident of a win that we did not even discuss the forthcoming game.

But it was a poor performance and ended in drizzle and disappointment.

@roynadinprint may not be so disappointed as they predicted the correct score. 10% of respondents went for a draw-maybe these are the realists amongst us.

79% predicted that Vydra would score – no surprise there.

I don’t think anyone got the correct starting line up though some might say it was Gary that got it wrong!

Still 2nd and nervous- it’s the Derby way.  You can see a summary of your predictions by clicking on the link here.

Next up- Manchester United. New survey coming soon!

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