Playoffs or Star Wars?

I’ve come across a massive dilemna! After listening to the match on Rams World yesterday, I suddenly realised (while I already knew) that the return leg of the Playoff against Preston coincides with the premiere to Star Wars Episode 3 (Return of the Sith) in Birmingham, something I already have a ticket for.

Now I have a massive decision to make – do I give my ticket for the premier away to someone so I can watch the match on Sky Sports or do I go to the premiere with my mobile in hand? Obviously the phone will be on silent but how am I going to keep quiet in a cinema when I see Derby score and beat Preston?

It’s a massive decision to make and one that will prove my dedication to the Rams. Anyone got any suggestions?

It looks like a unanimous decision thanks to my fellow Rams over at The Rams Bulletin Board – I guess the missus will have to go it alone.

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