Come on Cardiff!

I know I’m rubbish at keeping the site up-to-date but it is with great delight that I can confirm Derby are into the Championship playoffs!

It was a tense week with the previous two matches showing dismal results away at our Midlands neighbours Leicester (1-0) and Coventry (6-2!!). But the boys showed why we were near the top of the table yesterday with a stunning performance against fellow Playoff hopefuls Preston. Even with Rasiak out due to a groin operation, Inigo Idiakez, Tommy Smith and Paul Peschisolido took their turns in knocking Preston to the 5th position of the final day table, securing Derby’s hopes for the playoffs. And just to make it even more fun, we are playing Preston in the playoffs, proving that we have the opportunity (and bottle) to take the ticket to Cardiff and face either Ipswich or West Ham.

Looking through the season, West Ham would probably be our best bet to get promotion to the Premiership but it could go either way. We have won and lost against Preston so we will have to try our best to get the playoff finals on 30th May 2005.

Come on Derby – you can do it!!

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